Sober Company (aka Sober Co)

Bethany Stevens: Sober Sexpert and Disability Activist

Episode Summary

This week Lacey is lucky enough to speak to Bethany Stevens, a sexpert and disability activist who is also in recovery. They talk about Bethany's 6 months of sobriety and what rituals have helped her recovery, particularly during the pandemic. They also discuss bringing the revolution to recovery and creating inclusive recovery spaces for people with disabilities and Bethany's brand new meeting Disabled & Sober. Bethany also gives advice on dealing with the awkwardness and anxiety that can come with SOBER SEX.

Episode Notes

Theme music by Jon Tessier courtesy of Said So Sound

In this episode:

Bethany's Instagram

Disabled & Sober FB group and meeting

Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker 

The Globalization of Addiction

Bethany's coat

Recovery Elevator podcast



Konmari method

Pleasure Activism by Adrienne Maree Brown



Alcoholism and the ADA

Coronavirus and Addiction: The Struggle of Sobriety in Isolation

Madeleine's year soberversary 

Madeleine's episode

Girl Walks Out of a Bar by Lisa Smith

Drinking: A Love Story

Tawny Lara

Tawny Sober Sex convo event

Astrologer Colin Bedell

Some People Don't Have Inner Voices

10 Principles of Disability Justice 

Black Panthers; 10 Point Program