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Meditation with Kunal Gupta

Episode Summary

This interview is jam-packed with wisdom. There's something in it for both people new to meditation and for those who have a regular practice. Nik and Lacey speak with their friend Kunal Gupta who has come to sobriety through his mindfulness practice. They talk to him about how meditation is a tool to create awareness and how awareness leads to a happier, more contented life. Namaste!

Episode Notes

Theme music by Jon Tessier, courtesy of Said So Sound.

Kunal Gupta (newsletter)

Year Zero podcast

Kunal's recorded meditations

Guided Meditation apps we recommend:

Insight Timer


In this episode:

Matrix red pill

Kunal's list:

1. Pranayama (breathwork)

2. Asana/Yoga

3. Strength training

4. Walking

5. Journaling

6. Reading

7. Dance

8. Kirtan

Bhakti Center Kirtan Livestream

(Krishna Das)

9. Crying

10. Sleeping