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Relationship Recovery with Brian and Nick

Episode Summary

This week Lacey spoke to Brian Lady and Nick Robideau, a creative couple who have survived an experience of living with active addiction-Brian through meetings and Intensive Out-Patient, Nick through Al-Anon, and both with therapy. Nick is a playwright and wrote a play called Against the Flesh about his emotional experience of being in a relationship with someone with addiction.  They spoke with Lacey about the progression of their relationship, from Brian's use and Nick's response to it, to them eventually both seeking help. They also talk about the creative side of their story-about Nick's process of writing his play and Brian's response to reading it for the first time.

Episode Notes

Theme music by Jon Tessier, courtesy of Said So Sound

Pump Up the Volume

Brian's own description of Eerie, Indiana: Eerie, Indiana, a one-season gem of a strange show:, starring Omri Katz who would go on to be arguably best know for the Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus. The episode in question was the first episode of the series, "Forever Ware," in which a set of twins are discovered to have been put to bed nightly in Tupperware®-like containers that have kept them the same age and in 7th grade for 30 years, which, as they attest, is "a living hell." The bedtime routine reveal is around 11:30 in this link:


Portrait of the Addict as a Young Man by Bill Clegg

Keep the Lights On