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Zero Proof Drinks w/ Spirited Away

Episode Summary

In this episode, Lacey speaks to Douglas Watters, the owner of brand new boozeless bottle shop Spirited Away about the new language we're using for non-alcoholic drinks and about how these drinks have gotten WAY more sophisticated in taste than AF OGs O'Doul's and Martinelli's (though all respect to O'Doul's and Martinelli's). They also ponder the purpose of these types of beverages if there's no alcohol in them and Douglas gives some great drink recommendations for occasions where people would normally consume something alcoholic.

Episode Notes

Theme music by Jon Tessier, courtesy of Said So Sound

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In this ep:

Seedlip commercial

Curious Elixirs commercial

Subaru Lesbian marketing

Many of these beverages have other types/flavors available so make sure to check out the site for all the available options:

Hella Bitters & Soda

Ritual Zero Proof 

Kin Euphorics


Proposition Cocktail Co.

Curious Elixirs 


Noughty Sparkling Wine

Three Spirit

Monday Gin